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Content creator reveals five best teams; which team in Madden 24 has the best defensive playbook?

Madden 24 has been released to mixed reviews. Some gamers like it, especially the crossplay feature, which allows players with different consoles to enjoy the same game. The FieldSense technology also renders more realistic gameplay.

However, the NFL-sanctioned game has its share of criticism, from crashing servers to the inaccurate rendering of players’ image and likeness. Still, the game’s fans will continue to maximize its attributes, especially on defense.

The fifth and fourth-best Madden 24 defensive playbooks

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It’s a cliché that defense wins championships. That’s what occurred, at least in the last two Super Bowls. But in the gaming world, it could be the difference between being a good to a great Madden gamer. Therefore, aspiring Madden 24 savants must take advantage of teams offering the best packages to stop opposing offenses.

YouTuber Ace Madden selected five teams with the best defensive playbooks. He placed the Baltimore Ravens at number five because they have an excellent playbook for nickel personnel:

“If you use a lot of 3-4 or 4-3, this playbook is pretty bad because all you have is 3-4 under, 3-4 over, and 3-4 bear. But as far as your nickels, you have a lot to work with, starting with the 2-4, 2-4 double mug, which is double A gap, 3-3 cub, 3-3 odd, and triple.”


The Ravens’ playbook also has various options for dime and quarter formations.

At number four, Ace Madden didn’t highlight a specific defensive playbook. Instead, he referenced the alternate defensive playbooks that can be accessed through the Madden 24 marketplace under Madden Ultimate Team (MUT) mode.

Once in the marketplace, go to Sets and look for Alternate Playbook. Having six gold players with an overall rating of 70 to 79 to be activated unlocks a random alternate playbook. Gamers can also purchase a specific alternate playbook from the auction house, which will cost money.

He used the Miami Dolphins’ alternate playbook, with suitable base formations and multiple options for nickel, dime, and dollar packages. Madden gamers can find useful formations regardless of alternate playbooks.

Top three Madden 24 defensive playbooks

VIDEO: 4 BEST Defensive Playbooks in Madden 24 to Win More Games!

Ace Madden chose the Las Vegas Raiders at number three, hailing it as a better version of the New England Patriots playbook. The big nickel formation made him rank the Raiders’ defense this high. It also has a 4-3 even 6-1, which works best when pressuring the quarterback.

The Kansas City Chiefs are at number two, which Ace thinks is a better version of the Raiders’ defensive playbook because of the dollar formations. However, the dollar package takes away some of their nickel plays. It also has a nickel 3-3 featuring three safeties, ideal for flexibility between playing blitz or zone.

Ace Madden named the 4-6 defensive playbook the best in Madden 24, which is also accessible like the alternate playbook under MUT mode. He chose it because the playbook has everything.

Using the Buffalo Bills 46 playbook as an example, he pointed out the adjustments that can be made to the speed package. The free-flowing and variable nature of this defense makes it his top choice.

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